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Colorful Comments for Rar/Zip Archives

You would have seen lots of Zip/Rar archive which includes colorful comment on the right side and would have thought that wish i could do something like this. It isn't that hard, what you have to do is to add some code to your particular text and viola...here is a step by step tutorial how to add those colorful comments: First of all select files to be archived or double-click on existing zip/rar archive file.

A window will open in which you can specify file name and other settings for the archive file, click on the comment tab.

Now type in the comment in text area or browse for a text file by clicking on the browse button, but prefer to type in the comment in a text file.

My text file was something like this.

Select the file: 

Now any text you are using as comment will appear without any formatting like this:

To add some colors to the text you have to use some color codes (given below) before the particular text. Open the archive file recently created. Click on Comment and add those codes before any text of which you want to apply formatting.


Here is a list of codes/color schemes which you should use before the particular text for which you want to apply the formatting, but the codes given below should be written after the escape sequence character and the problem is that we cannot directly write that character in the comment area of WinRAR or notepad, to get that character go-to start menu and click run, type cmd and press enter. On the Command Prompt window type the following command and press enter, 
copy con d:\esc.txt
Now hold down the Alt key and type 27 using Numpad keys and release the Alt key and a character will appear, then press Ctrl + Z and press enter to complete the file creation process.

Now open the esc.txt saved on d drive, copy the character and paste right before every code you apply 

White text, Black background.

Grey text, Black background.

Red text, Black background.

Green text, Black background.

Yellow text, Black background.

Blue text, Black background.

Fuxia text, Black background.

Celestial text, Black background.

Experiment with the number and you'll get a nice result, here are some above colors in darker tone.
[0;2;37;31m    -->Invisible Text

Now if you want to make a text block, here is the code to use for it with different color combination

The result would be something like this:

Download my text file for your convenience.

Download Winrar from here:

Source for colors code taken from:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thansk for your tutorial. its helpul for me :-)

  2. Thanx. Pleased to hear that it helped you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    How do I do this it makes no sense!
    Please make a youtube video?

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