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Install Windows from HDD or USB Flash Drive

A few days ago I ran through a problem which took me almost a week to solve.

My Laptop's DVD Rom was nonfunctional from almost 2 months. I didn't cared as I was using a shared DVD drive on my desktop PC. Everything was fine until my Laptop's operating system (Windows 7) got corrupted, I was unable to install windows on my laptop as I've no clue that how could I install windows without a DVD drive.
I've searched the internet for the problem and found quite a few helpful ideas. Through searching, I was stunned to see that we can attach Laptop 2.5" SATA drive with desktop PC as you attach normal SATA drive with it. There is no issue of power as power supply only supply the amount of voltage which is required by the hardware attached.

2.5" SATA Hard Disk Drive:
Install Windows from HDD or USB Flash Drive

Similarly I found out that we can install Windows with the help of USB flash drive. What you need to do is to format your USB drive using NTFS and not Fat32. Similarly some websites were asking to use a certain kind of utility to copy from a Windows ISO to the USB drive, and some showed lengthy command prompt commands to perform a certain task.

Forgot all of those lengthy command prompt commands, or using any software utility, just copy each and everything from windows CD/DVD to your USB, change the Boot option from your system BIOS to USB drive and viola everything works as a charm.

"At that time I have a flash drive with 2GB memory, I couldn't copy almost 4GB Windows setup to my 2GB flash drive. What I did is that attached my 2.5" laptop HDD with my desktop PC, got backup of important data from the C drive of the laptop HDD. Formatted it and copied all of Windows setup data from Windows 7 DVD to my Laptop's C drive. After connecting it with my laptop, Windows setup started and worked like a charm."


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