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Apple - iOS 5: What's New

Whenever you hear about an update to any application you love, suddenly you check what’s new in it. You'll love to see some improvements in different functionalities. But when you hear that over 200 new features are added to your favorite application than that really matters the most.

Recently Apple released iOS 5 which includes more than 200 new features. This update is available for iPhone (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S), iPad, iPad 2, iPod touch (3rd & 4th Generation).

iOS 5: What's New

Some of the main features are as follows:

Notification Center:
Includes alerts for new email, text messages, friend requests, missed calls, pending appointments etc. You'll get all of these facilities in just one place. You can customize the notifications by choosing which you want to see and which not. These notifications will appear at the top of the screen for a while without interrupting your activities.

How come can one capture those unexpected moments which just happens & you just wished if I have captured it as it'll take some time while you unlock your phone.

With the new camera features in iOS 5 you'll be able to open the camera from the lock screen and use the volume up button to take picture. You can use grid lines, pinch to zoom, and can set focus & exposure with a tap.

Apple enhanced their iBookstore with Newsstand. iOS 5 lets you organize your newspaper & magazine subscriptions in one place. There is a new section in App Store for Newspapers & magazines subscription. Every new purchase will be available in your Newsstand folder. It'll automatically update whenever a new issue is available.

There’ll be hardly any phone which didn’t have reminder (to-dos). But the main big improvement in iOS5 is that you can also set reminders based on locations, in which you are able to set a particular reminder whenever you reach a particular location. All of the reminders will appear in a clean ordered list.

iOS 5's iMessage is the new instant messaging service for iOS 5 users. It allows iPhone, iPad, iPod touch users to send unlimited text messages using wi-fi/3G. In addition to text messages, you can also send photos, videos, contacts & locations. You can also track your messages with a delivery report.

PC Free:
Prior to iOS 5, you must have a PC/Mac with ITunes for installing an application, updating/activating your device. Now in PC Free, you can do all of the above stuff without being connected to a PC/Mac. You can activate/update or install any of the application wirelessly. You can also backup and restore your device using iCloud.

Wi-Fi Sync:
With Wi-Fi sync, you can perform synchronization and backup to your PC/Mac using your shared wi-fi connection. It'll perform syncs automatically whenever your device is charging.

Multitasking Gestures for iPad:
This feature is for iPads only, it allows iPad user to use their four/five fingers to perform multiple tasks like swithcing between different applications or jump to home screen without using home button.

Game Center:
iOS 5 has enhanced Game center, now you can post a profile picture, there is a new overall achievement score. You can find about new games without leaving Game Center.

The best feature of mail is that now you can compose your email message with complete control over formatting your text using bold/italic/underline fonts. You can indent your paragraphs with ease. Search facility is also available if you want to search for a particular email.

You can browse your internet contents using built-in browser Safari. Safari will display articles as a single page which will allow you to read without any distractions. You can save your favorite articles to reading list which can be viewed later whenever you want.

iOS 5 has a built-in twitter support feature that’ll enable user to just enter twitter account details only once for your device, and you can start tweet using any of your application without entering twitter account details for each & every application. You can tweet directly from your Safari browser, YouTube application etc.

"The list is just a glimpses of the features Apple has offered through iOS 5, check it out and you'll love to see other coolfeatures as well."

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